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Twin Turbo™ Series Lighted Alarms

Twin Turbo™ Lighted Alarms

Lighted Alarm Combines BRIGHT Panel Indicator with LOUD Piezo Alarm

  • Small Size - 1.065" Panel Hole
  • Saves Panel Space by Combining 2 Devices into 1
  • Sleek Appearance - Revolutionary Design
  • High Intensity Daylight Viewable "Ring" of light
  • Loud Up to 103dB at 2 feet!
  • Durable - Polycarbonate Plastic Casing
  • Energy Efficient 50-110mA Current Draw
  • Waterproof - IP68 Rating & NEMA 4X when installed

Floyd Bell’s ground-breaking new Twin Turbo™ Lighted Alarm is a small (approx. 1”x1”) panel-mount piezoelectric audio alert that emits a daylight-viewable bright red light when activated, effectively combining Floyd Bell’s popular Turbo™ series Alarms with Turbo Light™ Series Panel Indicators into one convenient multi-sensory alarm device.

Available in 7 different tone types, the sound output measures up to an impressive 103dB at 2 feet! The energy efficient, two-terminal lighted alarms operate at various voltages in the 9-30 VDC range while drawing only 50-110mA.

Like Floyd Bell’s Turbo Light™ LED Panel Indicators, Twin Turbo™ Lighted Alarms feature InGaN LED technology, providing high intensity output. A special illuminated enclosure creates an attention-getting “halo” ring of light.  And the tamper-proof low-profile design of the unit is curved so the light can be seen even from the side, offering an impressive 180° dispersion. The unit is available in Medium Bright or Daylight-Viewable Extra Bright, which is almost twice as bright!

Turbo Light Alarm - 180 Degree Light Distribution

The Turbo Light™ is extremely energy efficient as well. Using a switching power supply, the indicator draws 50-110mA. While many indicators on the market only operate at a specific voltage, the universal power supply on the Twin Turbo™ allows it to operate at various voltages in the 9-30VDC range.

Twin Turbo Alarm - the same size as a quarter!
The base of Turbo™, Turbo Light™ and Twin Turbo™
products are the same size as a quarter!

The small size and revolutionary design of the Twin Turbo™ Lighted Alarm make it an excellent solution when panel space is an issue.  By combining two of our most popular high-output devices into one, only one small (1.065”) panel hole is needed.  And because it is IP68 and NEMA 4X when installed, the Twin Turbo™ offers a waterproof durability that allows it to operate in the roughest of conditions.

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