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February 23, 2006

Floyd Bell Introduces Piezo Alarm with Mute Switch.

Floyd Bell Inc. is proud to offer the OneTouch Silencer™, the first piezoelectric alarm that can be muted without any additional parts! A revolutionary new concept solves the problem of an alarm being too loud when it doesn't need to be.

This alarm may seem like a standard noisemaker at first glance. But Floyd Bell's new patent-pending technology allows the alarm to be quieted by simply holding a finger to the top of the alarm body. This allows the operator to acknowledge the alarm, then mute it, maintaining a better working environment. The next time the alarm is activated, it is automatically reset to full volume (up to 96 dB).

Consider the alternatives. At Floyd Bell, we hear stories all the time from machine operators who need a solution for quieting an alarm once it is recognized. We've seen everything from duct tape over the holes to screwdrivers being forced into the alarm to installing a switch to mute the alarm (which the operator has to remember to flip back on later!).

The OneTouch Silencer™ is a direct replacement for your existing alarm. It doesn't require an additional mounting hole. It's simple. It's another sound solution from Floyd Bell Inc.

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