The AN454 is a powerful and rugged industrial announcement system for playing internally-stored voice and audio messages. The 9-30Vdc AN454 can play back up to 4 minutes of high output (up to 115dB) audio and up to 8 separate messages using input logic.

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Rohs Compliant

Revision 11.20


MountingBracket Mount
Operating Mode Voice Message: 8 Custom Recorded Messages
Operating Voltage9-30 Vdc
Operating Frequency300Hz to 10Khz
Typical Operating Current0 mA at 9 Vdc
250 mA at 30 Vdc
Typical Sound Pressure0 ±5 dB(A) at 9 Vdc at 24 inches (61 cm), at 25°C
115 ±5 dB(A) at 30 Vdc at 24 inches (61 cm), at 25°C
Operating Temperature-20_C to +65_C
Storage Temperature-40_C to +85_C
Surge Voltage20% over maximum rated voltage for less than 5 minutes
Reverse Voltage ProtectionTo the maximum operating voltage
Construction MaterialsAN454 is designed for wet and damp environments
Life Expectancy10 years under normal operating conditions.
WarrantyFor a period of one year from the date of manufacture under normal operating conditions.
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