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Announcer Series Piezo Alarm

Announcer™ Series

Voice-Capable Pre-Programmed Speakers Replace Ambiguous "Beep"

Sometimes a "beep" or "whoop" doesn't convey enough information to an operator of a machine. Floyd Bell Inc., manufacturer of popular Audiolarm® piezo electric buzzers, has solved this problem with a new line of high-quality digital audio announcement systems.

UP TO 115 dB AT 9-30Vdc!

The Announcer™ line of pre-programmed speakers provide endless possibilities for any announcement need such as voice messages, sound effects, loud sirens or other tones. The messages are stored within the device, so a simple application of power is all that is needed to provide alert information to the user. From the large AN450 to the piezo-alarm-sized AN125, the Announcer™ Series products expand your ability to relay important alarm information to end-users. Its possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The New AN450 Announcer™ is a powerful and rugged industrial announcement system for playing pre-recorded voice and audio messages. The AN450 can play back up to 8 minutes of high output (up to 115dB) audio. The audio can be divided into 8 separate messages, selectable via input logic to the system. An internal potentiometer allows the user to adjust the sound output level. This large (5.5” round) programmable speaker is well-suited for situations in which high levels of ambient noise are present. It can be mounted via a stainless steel bracket (included) to allow a customizable mounting angle, but can also be panel-mounted or direct-mounted to a standard handy box via our special molded rear cover.

Looking to replace an existing piezo alarm with a voice message? AN100 and AN125 Announcer™ Series alarms from Floyd Bell play a pre-recorded audio message up to ten seconds at 95dB. The same size as a standard piezo alarm, these panel-mount speakers provide the ability to replace an ambiguous beep with voice instructions or warnings. If you’re looking for a panel-mount audio alert and a standard buzzer just doesn’t get the point across, consider using an AN100 or AN125 to replace a beep or siren with a clear voice!

Floyd Bell has an in-house voiceover studio and on-hand voice talent to record and edit your custom messages for a small, one-time fee. Our sales team will work with you determine the best combination of voice messages, beeps, bells, etc. for your use.

With the Announcer™ Series Pre-Programmed Speakers, the sky is the limit. When safety is a concern and an operator of machinery needs to know about an alarm condition, there’s no clearer way to convey that information than using a voice-message.

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