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Custom Alarms

Floyd Bell not only manufacturers and sells audible alarms from our catalog, we are also the world's leader in creating customized and modified audible alarms. We have created over 500 custom alarms for our customers and have a full time staff of engineers possessing over 100 years of experience in electronic, mechanical and electromechanical problem solving. Our technical expertise covers digital, analog, and electromechanical applications.

We can address any need, no matter how unique or challenging. For example, we have pioneered audible alarms to address the unique needs posed by elevators, golf carts, radar detectors, automobiles, and many marine applications. With our international reputation for high quality products and services, our qualified experts are ready to tackle your toughest audible alarm needs.

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Custom Piezo Alarm

Case/Mounting System

We can design a modified alarm using one of our existing case styles shown in our catalog, or design one to fit your specifications. Your needs may include a specific mounting pattern or platform that we can incorporate into the design of your custom alarm. Let us help you solve your problems in form or fit with a custom designed alarm.


Tell us what your unique function needs are and let us do the design. Just let us know the voltage you will be applying, the type of sound(s) you need, and any other special necessities. Floyd Bell has designed over 500 custom alarms for our customers and we are the world's leader in creating modified custom audible alarms for any application.


Floyd Bell owns automated wire-processing equipment that allows us to design a specific wire harness or connection system to meet your needs. We have experience with AMP, JST, Delphi-Packard, Sumitomo, and many other terminal manufacturers. By having in-house equipment we can reduce lead times and control costs.

Digital Alarms

Industry trends include continued miniaturization and the inclusion of low cost, programmable microcontrollers. Floyd Bell has the ability to embed many systems, functions, and components into our standard audible alarm product line. We will work with your Engineering and Marketing departments to develop value-added, multi-functional solutions.

Our devices are programmable, and therefore can be quickly developed or modified to meet a specific application, reducing costs as well as time to market. The ability exists to integrate other functions and components into our devices, limited only by the amount of creativity applied. This approach saves on the number of components, simplifies your supply chain, reduces assembly time, contains costs, increases features, and enhances reliability. Often our digital alarms are the only source of a programmable microcontroller within a system, which not only gives you the flexibility to update and enhance your products but also gives you a clear competitive advantage.

We are able to monitor and measure voltages, currents, inputs, events, sensors, frequency, and much more. We also can control and drive outputs, loads, displays, or communicate with other systems digitally. This would include integrating solid-state relays, controllers, sensors, switches, timers, counters, and panel meters into your system or as a stand-alone product.

Advanced Products

Floyd Bell thinks "out-of-the-box." We can conceive, create, test and produce solutions for you beyond audible alarms and their digital progeny. We are capable of combining engineering with technology to meet the cutting-edge needs of our customers.

Our engineering design capabilities include:

Controllers, Meters, Sensors, Monitors, LEDs, LCD Displays, Strobes, Counters, Real Time Clocks (RTC), Various Communication Protocols, Wireless, Remote Control, Power Systems, In-House 3D Prototype Modeling, and PC Software Applications. We can also private label a product to meet your requirements.

Custom mount
Custom terminations
Custom digital alarms
Custom advanced products

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