Floyd Bell - Piezo Alarms, Buzzers, and Audio Devices for Durable Industrial Machines - Letter from our CEO

For over 30 years, the employees of Floyd Bell Inc. have committed themselves to producing the finest piezo electric audio alarms in the world.

This tradition of excellence began with our namesake, Floyd Bell, who was quite an accomplished inventor:

  • He was awarded the Army-Navy Manufacturing Excellence award during World War II
  • He developed the first commercial reel-to-reel tape recorder in the 30's
  • He developed one of the first aviation autopilot systems in the late 50's
  • He developed one of the first commerical gauss meters to monitor magetic fields in the early 60's

While he was developing one of the first commercial depth-finders in the late 60's, he required an audio alarm that would withstand the rigors of a salt water environment. When he was unable to locate a commercial-grade product to fit his needs, he decided to build one. Necessity became the mother of invention, and Floyd Bell Inc. was born!

From this happenstance beginning, Floyd Bell Inc. has become the world's leading piezo electric audible alarm company. Our alarms are omnipresent. For example, they can be found on every ocean, lake, and river around the world. Our agriculture and farm machinery alarms help plant and harvest the planet's crops. Our recreational alarms can be heard on almost every golf course, amusement park, casino, and arcade. Our public utility alarms are found in most major power plants, as well as water and sewage treatment plants. Our public transportation alarms are found in most of the world's airports, as well as in bus, rail and subway terminals, and the vehicles that serve them.

Our restaurant equipment and foodservice alarms are found in most major hotels and restaurants. Our construction equipment alarms are found at most building sites. Our automotive and truck alarms are found on practically every highway. Our electronic telephone ringers are found in communications equipment, including that aboard Air Force One. The United States Air force, Army, Navy and Marines also use our alarms. And finally, our products have helped NASA explore beyond our world.

Customer satisfaction is our most important asset and the primary reason for our success. Our staff is dedicated to extending our tradition of excellence to customer service, product design, and manufacturing. This sets us apart from our competitors. If Floyd Bell were still with us today, I believe that he would be both proud of our on-going success and humbled by the respect the Floyd Bell name has earned around the globe.

If you have an alarm application which you feel deserves the best possible solution, please contact us. You have my word that if it is within our means you will have the best American made product in the world to complement your application.

Kind Regards,

Ray Hunter
Floyd Bell Inc.