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Advantage USA

Floyd Bell Inc. is the only piezo audible alarm manufacturer that domestically produces all of the alarms that it sells. By manufacturing our alarms in the USA, we can give our customers the best quality, reliability, functionality, flexibility, deliver times and problem resolution in the industry.

Quality & Reliability

Floyd Bell Alarms are the highest quality piezo audible alarms in the world by virtue of the components used, the sophisticated manufacturing processes employed, and cutting edge engineering. Each alarm is tested three times before it is shipped and Floyd Bell alarms have a life expectancy under normal operating conditions of 10 years.

Functionality and Flexibility

Floyd Bell alarms have the greatest functionality and flexibility as a result of extensive, state-of-the-art components, cutting edge engineering and collaborative development to meet customers' precise needs.

Lower Lead Times

Floyd Bell alarms are available with significantly shorter delivery lead-times, typically 1 to 4 weeks, and with no potential disruptive external forces that sometimes affect overseas shipments. Floyd Bell has the ability to react quickly to changes in customer demand for alarms, and can quickly alleviate back-orders.

Custom Design

Floyd Bell has an experienced engineering staff that can coach a customer through the process of determining a customer's application-specific needs, and then design, build and test an alarm that will meet those needs. Floyd Bell can create special tones, voltage ranges, mounting configurations and custom terminations, including various wiring harnesses. The process from consultative design through a fully tested product can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks, depending upon the complexity of the product and the availability of required components.

Floyd Bell

Floyd Bell stands behind its alarms and responds quickly to customer requests, concerns, problems, repairs and returns. In addition, Floyd Bell customers have a single point of contact with clear and seamless vendor responsibility, as opposed to the often-complex relationships inherent in transactions with overseas manufacturers.