Floyd Bell - Piezo Alarms, Buzzers, and Audio Devices for Durable Industrial Machines - The Floyd Bell Difference

Superior Products

IP68 Rating 

Floyd Bell Products are rated IP68, meaning they still operate when exposed to dust and when SUBMERGED under water!

NEMA 4X Rating 

When used with a gasket (included), our panel-mount products create a NEMA 4X seal. NEMA (the National Electrical Manufacturers Association) is a North American organization that creates standards for the rating of enclosure performance to determine an enclosure's ability to resist external environmental influences. The NEMA Type 4x standard is for enclosures that are intended for indoor or outdoor use primarily to provide a degree of protection against corrosion, windblown dust and rain, splashing water, hose- directed water, and the formation of ice on the enclosure.

RoHS Compliance 

Floyd Bell has converted our entire product line to be in compliance with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive adopted by the European Union.

UL Recognized Components 

Our parts are UL Registered Components, meaning that Underwriters Laboratories has tested and approved our parts to be used with other UL Registered Components to make a UL Listed Assembly. Floyd Bell's assigned UL file number on the UL web site is S3897. The relevant UL category is:

"Audible Signal Appliances, General Signal Component."
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Made in the USA 

We are very proud to assemble every one of our products right here in Columbus, Ohio. This allows us quick turn-around time, on-time deliveries, maximum flexibility to meet production scheduling changes and quality, reliable American workmanship. Floyd Bell is the only piezo-alarm manufacturer to assemble all of our alarms in the USA.

Polarity and Surge Protection 

All Floyd Bell alarms contain special circuitry that protects against power surges. They are rated to provide protection up to 20% over the maximum rated voltage for less than 5 minutes. Our products also contain special circuitry that protects against accidental reverse polarity connection, up to the alarm's maximum operating voltage. Most competing alarms do not contain this feature.

Stainless Steel Diaphragms 

All Floyd Bell alarms use as a premium component: stainless steel diaphragms (benders). Floyd Bell chose that material because its alarms are designed have the physical dexterity to withstand a broad range of exacting environmental conditions, including fresh and salt water. Floyd Bell's #304 stainless steel diaphragms, which cost about twice as much as brass diaphragms, provide the most corrosion resistant piezo alarms available in the world.