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Turbo Series

Turbo Series
This revolutionary new design is twice as loud and half the size of industry counterparts.
  • Unique low profile styling
  • Volume control with twice the attenuation of industry counterparts
  • Available in 7 different tones
  • 103 dB @ 2 ft. (0.61m)

Turbo Light™ Series

Turbo Light Series
This high intensity panel-mounted LED indicator is available in five different colors.
  • Small Size - 1.065" Panel Hole
  • Durable - Polycarbonate Plastic Casing
  • Waterproof - IP68 Rating & NEMA 4X
  • High Intensity - Up to 1,600 cd/m²

Twin Turbo™ Series

Turbo Light Series
This lighted alarm combines a bright panel indicator with a loud piezo alarm.
  • Small Size - 1.065" Panel Hole
  • Waterproof - IP68 Rating & NEMA 4X
  • High Intensity Daylight Viewable "Ring" of light
  • Loud Up to 103dB at 2 feet!

Announcer™ Series

Announcer Series
Voice-capable alarms that replace the ambiguous "beep" with a pre-recorded audio message.
  • Exactly the same size as a piezo alarm.
  • Available with a custom message up to 10 seconds long
  • Messages repeat automatically until power is removed
  • Direct replacement for standard piezo alarms

OneTouch™ Silencer

OneTouch Silencer
The first piezoelectric alarm with a built-in mute switch and automatically returns to full volume.
  • Piezo alarms with mute switch
  • One quick touch mutes the alarm
  • Automatically returns to full volume
  • Available in three different mute levels

Ultra Series

Ultra Series
This solid-state piezoelectric alarm is 12 dB louder and 1000 Hz lower than industry counterparts.
  • Panel or PC mount
  • Available in 6 different tones
  • Dual function alarms are available
  • 108 dB @ 2 ft. (0.61m)

M-80 / M-100 Series

M-80 / M-100 Series
The original miniature high output alarm.
  • Panel or PC mount
  • Explosive sound output
  • Small footprint
  • 103 dB @ 2 ft. (0.61m)

AudioLarm® II Series

AudioLarm II Series
The most widely used industrial alarm in the world.
  • Wide operating voltage range
  • Low voltage and low current consumption
  • Available in 4 different tones, 3 sound output levels, 4 beep and 2 chime rates
  • Up to 103 dB @ 2 ft. (0.61m)

Custom Alarms

Custom Alarms
Floyd Bell is the world's leader in creating customized audible alarms.
  • Floyd Bell has designed over 500 custom alarms for our customers
  • Cases can be designed to your specifications
  • Custom wiring harnesses and connection systems
  • Monitoring and measuring voltages, currents, inputs, events, sensors, frequency, and much more
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