AudioLarm II

AudioLarm® II Piezo Alarms

The most widely used industrial alarm in the world.

Available Tone Types:
Chime ToneChime
Beep ToneBeep
Continuous ToneContinuous
Whoop ToneWhoop
Siren ToneSiren
Staccato ToneStaccato
Warble ToneWarble
Dual Function: Beep/ContinuousDual Function: Beep/Continuous
Dual Function: Warble/ContinuousDual Function: Warble/Continuous

Floyd Bell's AudioLarm® II Series, first developed, sold and launched in 1982 and the subject of continuous improvement and innovation, is a solid-state, environmentally secure piezo electric alarm that has become the most widely used industrial alarm in the world. This series has grown to become the industry's largest selection of piezo buzzers. 

The AudioLarm® II Series is available in four different tones (continuous, beep, warble & chime), features three sound output levels (extra loud, loud and medium), four beep rates (ultra-fast, fast, medium, slow), two chime rates and several dual-tone models. The AudioLarm® II Series features a wide operating voltage range, from 1 to 48 volts dc, and ac models to 220 volts. These alarms also offer low voltage and low current consumption, no R.F. interference, and no moving parts for high reliability and long life.

Available mounting configurations include panel mount through a standard 1-1/8" round hole, as well as PC board mount. UL, and NEMA 4X on 07, 09 and 19 bodies with gasket. Available in four different terminations.

Our optional shutter-type manual volume control provides variable attenuation of up to 20 dB. Volume control models are designated with a "V09" in the middle of the part number (non volume control models will have an "09" in the middle of the part number).


We know that sometimes you don't need the LOUDEST Alarm - just one that gets an operator's attention without busting their eardrums. That's where our new LOW OUTPUT Audiolarms are perfect. Designed to operate between 75-85 dB, these alarms are loud enough to be able to be heard over most ambient noise environments, but won't cause discomfort if someone needs to work near it all day long. Available in 5 different tone types, 3 different terminations and with or without a manual volume control!

Our new LOW-OUTPUT Audiolarms operate in the 75-85 dB range. 

Each alarm is tested three times before shipment. 

AudioLarm® II Series alarms are rugged and ready for the most challenging environments.

AudioLarm® II Series alarms are epoxy encapsulated and polarity protected. The solid-state electronics are housed in a 94 V-O flame retardant, heavy-duty thermoplastic enclosure with a stainless steel, corrosion-resistant sound diaphragm. NEMA type 4X environmental security on 07, 09 and 19 bodies when used with optional gasket.

These powerful, rugged alarms have the highest output, and are the most water & vibration resistant sound devices of their kind in the world. All Floyd Bell alarms are water resistant.

Best of all, they are 100% made in the U.S.A. For guaranteed delivery and unparalleled quality, you can count on Floyd Bell, the industry leader in audible alarm technology for over 30 years.

Replacement Parts/Accessories

KNURL NUTS: If you find yourself needing replacement knurl nuts for this device they can be purchased here.
VOLUME CONTROLS: Volume controls (included with plastic rivet) can be purchased here.

Customization and Modification

In addition to the standard product offering in this category, we’re able to modify existing units to meet your needs (minimum quantity may apply). We can use our in-house 3D printer for prototype modeling to make sure our product can be suited to your application. Whether it’s adjusting the output level, adding a wire harness, changing the termination, custom tone or another solution, we’re happy to work with you to find a solution.

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