Turbo Light

LED Panel Indicators are NEMA 4x and IP68!

This high intensity panel-mounted LED indicator is available in five different colors.

Floyd Bell's new Turbo Light™ is a panel-mounted LED indicator that is IP68 and provides a NEMA 4X seal*. The indicators feature the same revolutionary low-profile modern styling as our Turbo™ Series alarm, meaning the Turbo Light™ is tamper proof and offers unmatched durability.

The Turbo Light™ is available in 5 colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and White (clear).

The base of Turbo™ and Turbo Light™products are the same size as a quarter!

InGaN LED technology provides for high intensity output. The special fresnel lens pattern on the indicator effectively distributes the light and the low-profile design of the unit is curved so the light can be seen even from the side, offering an impressive 180° dispersion.

Turbo Light Alarm - 180 Degree Light Distribution

The Turbo Light™ is extremely energy efficient as well. Using a switching power supply, the indicator draws just 40mA. While many indicators on the market only operate at a specific voltage, the Turbo Light™'s universal power supply allows it to operate at various voltages in the 9-30VDC range.

NEW Turbo Light™ DUO and Turbo Light™ TRIO Indicators offer the ability to light one indicator in either 2 or 3 colors. These devices use a single clear-molded body to offer multiple light colors by using either 3 or 4 terminals, respectively. These parts are denoted with 87RG (red/green) and 87RYG (red/yellow/green) in the middle of the part number.

New Turbo Light™ Trio!

The Turbo™ and Turbo Light™ create an attention-getting alarm event when used together. Their small size and revolutionary design are unlike any product being offered in the market. Considering their small size; high visibility; durable construction; energy efficiency; and the fact that they're waterproof, it becomes easy to see why the new Turbo Light™ is the best possible solution for your panel indicator needs.

*When used with included gasket

Replacement Knurl Nuts

If you find yourself needing replacement knurl nuts for this device they can be purchased here.

Customization and Modification

In addition to the standard product offering in this category, we're able to modify existing units to meet your needs (minimum quantity may apply). We can use our in-house 3D printer for prototype modeling to make sure our product can be suited to your application. Whether it's adjusting the output level, adding a wire harness, changing the termination or another solution, we're happy to work with you to find a solution.

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