CAN Alarm

CAN-Ready Alarms emit loud sound in a panel-mount body on your existing J1939 System.

The industry leader in audioalarm technology is now CAN-Ready! Use our audibles on your existing J1939 CAN network.

Available Tone Types:
Multiple ToneMultiple

Floyd Bell is proud to offer the CAN-Alarm, a panel mount piezo alarm that functions on any CAN Network using the SAE J1939 protocol! This ground-breaking new electronic buzzer uses a brand-new body style in order to provide sound levels up to 108 dB (±5) on your CANbus network! Sharing all of the great features of the Turbo™ Series alarms in a slightly larger package, this tamper-proof body is epoxy encapsulated and polarity protected. The solid-state electronics are housed in a 94 V-O flame retardant, heavy-duty thermoplastic enclosure with a stainless steel, corrosion-resistant sound diaphragm. NEMA type 4X environmental security when used with optional gasket.

Read all about the development of the CAN Alarm in New Equipment Digest!  

The CAN-96-930 is arbitrary address capable, meaning it can claim a different address if an address conflict occurs. Rather than being "pre-canned" with specific sounds, the device is configurable for many sounds or tones via messages received on the network. This allows the alarm to be useful to communicate multiple audible tones/sounds for different alarm conditions. A detailed Communications Reference specifies tone types and specific PGN instructions for activating different tone and sound combinations on the network. 

CAN Alarm Communication Reference (.pdf)

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