CAN Alarm

CAN-Ready Alarms & Lighted Alarms emit loud sound in a panel-mount body on your existing J1939 System.

The industry leader in audioalarm technology is now CAN-Ready! Use our audibles and lighted alarms on your existing J1939-15 CAN network.

Available Tone Types:
Voice Message: Up to 255 Recorded Messages
Multiple ToneMultiple

CAN Alarms

Floyd Bell is proud to offer the CAN-Alarm, a panel mount piezo alarm that functions on any CAN Network using the SAE J1939-15 protocol! This ground-breaking new electronic buzzer uses a brand-new body style in order to provide sound levels up to 108 dB (±5) on your CANbus network! Sharing all of the great features of the Turbo™ Series alarms in a slightly larger package, this tamper-proof body is epoxy encapsulated and polarity protected. The solid-state electronics are housed in a 94 V-O flame retardant, heavy-duty thermoplastic enclosure with a stainless steel, corrosion-resistant sound diaphragm. NEMA type 4X environmental security when used with optional gasket.

The standard connector on our CAN Alarms is the Deutsch DT04-4P with gold terminals, but this alarm is also available with the threaded M-12 connector.

CAN Lights

The CANL Series indicators are a larger version of our Turbo Light Panel Indicators. InGaN LED technology provides for high intensity output. The special fresnel lens pattern on the indicator effectively distributes the light and the low-profile design of the unit is curved so the light can be seen even from the side, offering an impressive 180° dispersion. These are available in our standard colors of Red, Green, Yellow, Clear (white), and Blue, but we also offer a CAN Light TRIO, which is a clear molded unit that can illuminate Red, Green, Blue or combinations of those colors!

Twin CAN Lighted Alarms

Floyd Bell's ground-breaking new Twin CAN Lighted Alarm is a panel-mount piezoelectric audio alert that emits a daylight-viewable bright light when activated, effectively combining an audible alert with an LED panel light into one convenient multi-sensory alarm device. The energy efficient device operates on your J1939-15 CAN Network and can be controlled by the network to illuminate the light along with a vast selection of different tone types.

These bright, lighted alarms are the same size body as the CAN Alarm, requiring a 1.5” panel hole. The body is slightly larger than the standard Twin Turbo™ Series Alarms, which means the sound cavity is tuned for 108 dB (±5) at lower frequencies than its smaller size, two-terminal counterpart.

Like the CAN Light LED Panel Indicators, Twin CAN Alarms feature InGaN LED technology, providing high intensity output. A special illuminated enclosure creates an attention-getting "halo" ring of light in your choice of 5 BRIGHT colors.  And the tamper-proof low-profile design of the unit is curved so the light can be seen even from the side, offering an impressive 180° dispersion! It's also available as a multi-color Twin Turbo CAN Trio, which is molded in clear plastic and can illuminate in Red, Green, Blue or color combinations. 

The CAN Light TRIO and Twin CAN TRIO is a single component 

that can illuminate Red, Green, Blue or color combinations!

CAN Announcer Speaker

The AN454H_CAN is a powerful and rugged industrial announcement system for playing internally-stored voice and audio messages. The 10-29Vdc AN454 can play back up to 6 minutes of high output (up to 115dB) audio in up to 255 separate messages on the CAN J1939 network. Deutsch Connector Termination. For more info about Announcers, visit our Announcer page. Being on the CAN network allows this unit to play many more messages than the standard AN454! This large (5.5" round) programmable speaker is well-suited for situations in which high levels of ambient noise are present. It can be mounted via a stainless steel bracket (included) to allow a customizable mounting angle, but can also be panel-mounted or direct-mounted to a standard handy box via our special molded rear cover.

Read all about the development of the CAN Alarm in New Equipment Digest!  

CAN Alarm Communication Reference (.pdf)

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