Announcer Series

Voice-Capable Programmable Speakers Replace Ambiguous "Beep"

Voice-capable alarms that replace the ambiguous "beep" with a pre-recorded audio message in both small panel-mount and large bracket-mount designs.

Available Tone Types:
Voice Message: Single Custom Recorded Message
Voice Message: WarningVoice Message: Warning
Voice Message: CautionVoice Message: Caution
Voice Message: Equipment MalfunctionVoice Message: Equipment Malfunction
Voice Message: Vehicle in MotionVoice Message: Vehicle in Motion
Voice Message: 16 Custom Recorded Messages

UP TO 115 dB AT 10-29Vdc! 

The Announcer™ line of programmable speakers provide endless possibilities for any announcement need such as voice messages, sound effects, loud sirens or other tones. The messages are stored within the device, so a simple application of power is all that is needed to provide alert information to the user. From the large AN454 to the piezo-alarm-sized AN100, the Announcer™ Series products expand your ability to relay important alarm information to end-users. Its possibilities are limited only by your imagination.


The AN454_16VUSB Announcer™

AN454_16VUSB Wiring Instructions 

The New AN454 Announcer™ is a powerful and rugged industrial announcement system for playing pre-recorded voice and audio messages uploaded by the user. Our engineers worked closely with car wash manufacturers to develop a loud announcement system that meets the high demands of a car wash interior. The AN454 can play back up to 6 minutes of high output (up to 115dB) audio. The unit can play up to 16 separate messages, selectable via input logic to the system. Users are able to load their own audio messages through the USB port on the back of the unit. An internal potentiometer allows the user to adjust the sound output level. This large (5.5" round) programmable speaker is well-suited for situations in which high levels of ambient noise are present. It can be mounted via a stainless steel bracket (included) to allow a customizable mounting angle, but can also be panel-mounted or direct-mounted to a standard handy box via our special molded rear cover. This unit is also available in our CAN-Ready line, making it able to function on any J1939 CAN Network.


Looking to replace an existing piezo alarm with a voice message? AN100 and AN125 Announcer™ Series alarms from Floyd Bell play a pre-recorded audio message up to ten seconds at 95dB. The same size as a standard piezo alarm, these panel-mount speakers provide the ability to replace an ambiguous beep with voice instructions or warnings. If you're looking for a panel-mount audio alert and a standard buzzer just doesn't get the point across, consider using an AN100 or AN125 to replace a beep or siren with a clear voice!

With the Announcer™ Series Programmable Speakers, the sky is the limit. When safety is a concern and an operator of machinery needs to know about an alarm condition, there's no clearer way to convey that information than using a voice-message.

Replacement Knurl Nuts

If you find yourself needing replacement knurl nuts for the AN100/AN125 device they can be purchased here.

Customization and Modification 

In addition to the standard product offering in this category, we're able to modify existing units to meet your needs (minimum quantity may apply). We can use our in-house 3D printer for prototype modeling to make sure our product can be suited to your application. Whether it's adjusting the output level, adding a wire harness, changing the termination, custom tone or another solution, we're happy to work with you to find a solution.

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