Extra Loud Beep Tone; Slow Rate; Panel Mount with Volume Control Case and Wires Termination

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Rohs Compliant

Revision 11.23


MountingPanel Mount with Volume Control
Operating ModeExtra Loud Slow Beep Tone
Operating Voltage6-30 Vdc
Operating Frequency2900±250 Hz
Typical Operating Current10 mA at 6 Vdc
50 mA at 30 Vdc
Typical Sound Pressure85 ±5 dB(A) at 6 Vdc at 24 inches (61 cm), at 25°C
103 ±5 dB(A) at 30 Vdc at 24 inches (61 cm), at 25°C
Termination StrengthPull test with a maximum of 22 pounds (10 kg) load
Operating Temperature-20_C to +65_C
Storage Temperature-40_C to +85_C
Surge Voltage20% over maximum rated voltage for less than 5 minutes
Reverse Voltage ProtectionTo the maximum operating voltage
Construction MaterialsCase- Plastic _NORYL_ N-190, Flame Retardant UL 94-VO, Black
Internal Circuit- Audio-oscillator and piezoelectric driver
Potting- 2 parts epoxy resin or silicone, black
Diaphragm- Stainless Steel 304
GasketGasket (sold separately) 0.062" thick, 60 Durometer Neoprene
Construction MaterialsASTM B117 Certified - Withstands exposure to salt spray for 300 hours
IP 68 Certified - Withstands water submergence and dust exposure
Humidity- 95% relative humidity at +40_C continuously for 100 hours.
Vibration- Withstands vibration between 0 and 55 Hz. on all axes.
Life Expectancy10 years under normal operating conditions.
WarrantyFor a period of two years from the date of manufacture under normal operating conditions.
NotesThis product is not intended as a life safety device.
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